Dreams [48]

Dreams. O serie de articole în care muzica domină. Printre vise. O idee de moment cu efecte în viitor.

Melodia a fost lansată ieri de Ane Brun și încă nu sunt versurile pe internet, ca să le pun aici cum o făceam de obicei în acest tip de articol. Dar, mi s-a părut extraordinară descrierea făcută de Ane pentru această melodie. Prin ea, exemplifică tot ce a vrut să transmită cu această melodie care, pe mine m-a atins, sufletește vorbind. Vă las să vă delectați cu această muzică minunată.

“I wrote this song last year, after feeling for a long time that we as humans have been on the wrong track. I had been following the many reports of how we’re slowly tearing down biodiversity and disrupting our environment, and a sense of sorrow weighed heavily on my chest, sometimes bringing a lump to my throat. At the same time I’d been looking for a desperate sign of hope that if we might really come together, we might stop this from happening, that we can change our course.

After what has happened in 2020, it’s hard to say that we can’t. One of the things this pandemic has shown us is that we can act, and we are willing to make rapid structural changes to improve our conditions for survival on this planet. Now we just have to realize that the climate emergency is a similar threat to our existence, even though it is a slow moving process. We have to accept that this crisis is also something that needs to be dealt with immediately, just like a pandemic. And as most people around the world are isolating, have stopped travelling, and taken a break from polluting cities and oceans, we see so clearly that all other life on Planet Earth goes on without us. And that nature is probably better off if we stayed still for a long time.

I once had a dream where someone had come up with a solution to the climate emergency. The new discovery was that we could stop the Earth from rotating for one whole minute and then restart it again. It would be like a reboot of the whole system, and we would get a second chance of making everything alright again. Let’s hope that this involuntary shutdown has an impact on our future choices.”

-Ane Brun

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